while we're young & beautiful, living free & easy...

here without a worry, dancing in our bare feet!

29 July 1988
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Jo(sie). 22. happily single but actively dating. (NY)city girl. student/intern. natural blonde. green eyes. 5`8" but can't be stopped from wearing 3"+ heels.
fiesty.energetic.optimistic.easygoing.intelligent.silly.hopeless romantic.shopaholic.straightforward.outgoing.philosophical.classy.

aromatherapy, being blonde & tan, big sunglasses, blingbling, boys w/sexy accents, buddhism, chick flicks, chocolate, coffee, cuddling, curling up w/a book, dancing my ass off, dressing up, drinks+apps, fashion, fresh flowers, getting pampered, glowstick-and-boa nights ;), grilled cheeses @ 4am, gyming it, happy hour, heels, house music, hugs&kisses, ice cream, live music, lotions+potions, love songs, my crackberry, nailpolish, netflix!, nyc lightlife, puppy love, random sweet txts, scarves, shoe shopping, shopping sprees, smelling yummy!, tennis, the village, trashy tabloid mags, vino, vitamins, yoga